Miguel Moreno`s Artistic Work

Miguel Moreno is the latest link in a chain of great Mediterranean ironworkers.
Award-winning and recognized artist, Miguel Moreno is fully active in his maturity,
and continues working at his Casa Taller.

His training as a silversmith is reflected in the singular character of his creations; both his sculpture and silver/gold work are mutually enriched by his continuous technical and formal research in both fields. Miguel Moreno has worked with marble, stone, ivory, wood, gold, silver, bronze and sheets of metal (iron, steel, zinc, aluminium, copper, brass...)

In bronze he has sculpted excellently synthesized and surprising nudes of exquisitely pure lines. However, it is in forged and welded sheets of metal where he best shows his personality: his artworks using this technique are distinct, always vanguardist, revealing the full essence of the Mediterranean sculpture tradition.

Selection of Artistic Works

-- Metal Sheet Sculpture
-- Bronze Sculpture
-- Marble Sculpture
-- Monument Sculpture
-- Silversmith - Throne
-- Relief Sculpture
-- Drawings
-- Originales modelados en barro y terracotas
-- multiples

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