A space for creation
sheltered by the Mediterranean

In 1989, sculptor and silversmith Miguel Moreno founded, together with his three sons and associates,
the “Casa Taller Miguel Moreno” (Miguel Moreno's Home-Workshop) in order to live close to his three
great passions: art, nature, and craftsmanship.

Metal: shape and emotion

Fire and forging. Embossing and chiselling. Welding and smelting. The marvelled visitor will witness the most diverse, traditional and vanguard techniques. Ideas take shape, conceptualize, and are modified through the language of the materials and processes applied. The observer watches and understands the quest for Beauty
in a journey to the inside of human soul through holes, textures and cavities.

Miguel, like the classical artists, is a humanist; he uses vanguardist shapes, and he is a craft man in commanding materials. The Casa Taller exudes his principles, and his sons work hand in hand with him to provide support.

The Process of Creation

Venus de Armilla

Esta escultura de 9 metros, el mayor tamaño realizado en la Casa Taller, coronorá la Plaza de la Constitución de Armilla.

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